Dr. Mark Meyers

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Dr. Meyers is a Clinical/Health Psychologist who specializes in helping people realize their goals through self-awareness of behaviors, actions/responses, perceptions and thought processes. He realizes that change is a concept that most individuals avoid due to a fear of the unknown. The process of therapy is a journey of self-discovery, focusing on who you are, why you react differently to certain individuals, situations, and environments that you encounter, and why your same fears keep consistently resurfacing.This journey awakens your natural curiousity to the world around you. It is a process that allows individuals and couples to confront and resolve the issues that they keep stumbling upon.Understanding Ones’ Self, Needs, Fears, Expectations, and Perceptions is vital to personal growth and success. These five realms once mastered and understood can then lead to self-awareness, acceptance and choice in life.

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