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The pain of splitting up or staying together in misery is obvious. Most couples have a shared history, worthy of making every effort to stay together and figure things out. Couples with children have an extra incentive to stay together. The financial and emotional costs of divorce can be devastating. Our model of tailored treatment provides greater opportunity for success for relationships in crisis. While sometimes effective, traditional marriage counseling and couple’s therapy consists of hour-long therapy sessions once per week. We find this approach severely limiting and even potentially harmful for relationships in severe distress.We are national and international trainers, educators and practitioners of couples counseling. We’ve spent the last 15 years fine-tuning our intensive programs and we pioneered the use of Surrogacy Communication (TM) a reflecting process that helps ensure that couples achieve breakthroughs in communication and understanding..Challenging the status quo isn’t easy, but oftentimes necessary. Our clients’ positive responses and outcomes continue to inspire us to challenge accepted ways of working with couples and get better at what we do.When two people make a sincere effort to get help, anything is possible.

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