Dr. Michael Rathjens

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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist in practice for more than 20 years. I am proud to help people who are motivated to make those things they are suffering from better. I am impassioned by the growth and purpose people find through therapy. My practice is comprised of children-and their families, marital-couples, and adults. With regard to working with children, I offer a great deal of education and specific treatment goals. In working with adults, treatment must be driven towards personal improvement and relief of symptoms. Common areas addressed include marital discord, addiction, anxiety and depression.Clinical Psychology involves an understanding of how a person has developed patterns of difficulty-in relationships, in the workplace, with substances, etc. We all have “things to work on” but when some issue becomes overwhelming and problematic, effective treatment-with specific goals, is indicated.The most important components of my practice are confidentiality and respect. Courage and commitment are necessary to initiate treatment which may only require a few sessions. Having an objective, professional perspective often proves to be a valuable resource.

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