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I am well acquainted with the difficulties that we encounter in life and how they can derail us. There are many life transitions that can bring about obstacles and dilemmas. The general day to day complications that we encounter as we mature, age, and walk the journey that is life can sometimes seem overwhelming. There is adjusting to, and leaving, school, family, relationships, jobs, and geographic areas. Trauma, illness, loss, and grief are also transition points that interfere with our functioning. Assistance at these times in our lives can be invaluable.I leverage a persons strengths to stabilize, improve, and broaden their current functioning, with a goal of sustainable improvement. My style is grounded in the reality of the present with attention to past events and patterns when they interfere with the present and jeopardize long term success in the future.I am a Florida Licensed Psychologist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Certified in Neurofeedback, and I have an MBA with 18 years of business consulting experience. I have lived, worked, and traveled extensively outside of the US. Exposure to other cultures, races, and faiths provides me with a unique worldview and perspective on life.

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