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$97 ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS | SUMMER SESSION SALE! You’re here because something is off. Maybe you’re hurt, or maybe you’re in the midst of a real crisis. I applaud you for getting this far. Choose who you work with wisely. CHOOSE A DOCTOR. CHOOSE A PHD IN PSYCHOLOGY. PICK A PSYCHOLOGIST. IT’S FOR YOUR MENTAL HEALTH. I am Dr. Netta Shaked, SOUTH BEACH PSYCHOLOGIST¬Æ. I am a FL and NY licensed psychologist providing services, in-person or online, in English, Spanish and Hebrew. I am easy to relate to and warm and compassionate. SoBePsychologist.comDr. Shaked provides a concierge, upscale service with direct access to the doctor always, no waits, same-day or next-day appointments, super fast response time from the doctor, and online 24/7 appointment scheduling. I am here to help you cope, especially when you need it. Divorce/Separation/Breakup | Family Conflict | Gifted | ADHD | Postpartum | Couples You have direct access to your Doctor at my boutique psychology practice: all patient contact, from beginning to end, is only with the Doctor, a psychologist in Miami Beach. Dr. Shaked understands how change within you impacts your relationships; and how change within your relationship impacts your family. FREE PARKING | $97 ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS

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