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BILINGUAL-BOARD CERTIFIED- MY patients receive only the best and most appropriate evidence-based intervention as well as great respect for their individual preferences and needs. MY treatment philosophy is based on relationship-building and providing an intervention that promotes healing and growth through respectful and thoughtful consideration of the individual’s past experiences, life-stage, and expectations. MY goal is that through therapy, this individual will live a more personally satisfying and productive life.As a therapist, my mission is to develop a collaborative relationship with my patient that imparts both caring and trustworthiness. This individual seeking my assistance needs to perceive that my ultimate objective is to be of service, a faithful companion, in this important journey on which he/she has embarked.No matter if I assume the role of therapist or evaluator for a legal/court matter, my intent, as a psychologist, is adherence to the highest ethical standards and a level of expertise that does justice to both the profession as well as the patient or client.

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