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Ready to begin your journey? Mind And Heart Coaching provides lectures, workshops and one-on-one sessions that are motivating, as well as goal-oriented. The focus of Mind And Heart Coaching is about moving forward with positivity. The Mind And Heart Coaching message is future-oriented, utilizing many strategies based in Positive Psychology and a “Growth Mindset”. Dr. Kelly will create a motivating workshop, lecture, or session package to foster successful strategies in communication, coping response, productivity, and positive transformation through life passages. Services offered are coaching, skill-building, and educational rather than traditional therapy.Lectures and workshops focused for your audience include topics such as ” New Age & Neuroscience”, “Learning To Learn”, “Music & The Brain”, “PositviTeens: Positive Psychology Strategies for Teens & Parents”, and “Shooting PAR: Golf Strategies for Success”. Dr. Kelly’s background provides a unique understanding of topics relevant to personal resiliency.A personalized workshop, lecture, or coaching program is goal-oriented, time-limited, and results-focused. Dr. Kelly also offers lectures on the topic of chronic illness, survivorship of illness, team-building for your Special Needs child, and the power of Mindfulness in sustaining health. We are on your journey together!

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