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I can help you work through your feelings of whether, they be, depression, anxiety, social inhibitions and/or compulsive behaviors. In order for your treatment to succeed, we develop a working relationship, where you increase your self-esteem. Therapy will increase insight about yourself and others and work through situations and relationships that have hindered you. The goal is to change and feel the way you want to feel. I have practiced therapy for the past 42 years. I received excellent training at a university/psychiatric hospital/training facility. I am committed to being an effective therapist for you. I help you work through past anguish and emotional disappointments and constant self-incrimination so as to free you, to move past your stumbling blocks and dissolve your worries, sadness and emotional symptoms. That is step 1. The 2nd step is to see the false opinion you have of yourself, which was created by step 1. You will feel wonderful. I have a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology/license in Clinical Social Work/license in Marital/Family Therapy. I have seen thousands of patients over the years. Together, we can succeed and you can breathe easy.

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  1. Isiah Kisch
    June 16, 2020

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