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The practice that I work for strives to provide our clients with education, guidance, and therapeutic interventions to treat all types of disorders. We work with individuals dealing with depression and anxiety. We provide therapy to help with addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling) . We work with families and do parenting groups and help children and teens with ADHD and oppositional defiant disorders, as well as learning disorders, like Asperger’s. We also treat bereavement issues and work with couples and marriages in crisis. And we help families and children through divorce and sometimes abuse. We also treat sexual related disorders and gay and lesbian issues.My vast experiences have enabled me to be a therapist, that can handle many different types of clients. From working in a hospital, a prison, a children’s psychological center and a group private practice for adults. I also specialize in all sexual issues, Please go to the website for a complete list.. Besttherapy4me.comIn the practice I work at we have a treatment team. We are a group of 1 psychiatrist and 4 therapists with very unique specializations. We meet regularly to discuss new techniques and the latest developments to handle different types of disorders.

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