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Are you facing the possibility of a marriage or relationship breakup? Do you excel in many areas of life, but have issues in your romantic relationship? Do you feel stuck, and don’t know how to fix things? If you’re struggling with communication, conflict resolution, infidelity, or intimacy problems, I’d love to help you get things back on track and help you experience the thriving love life you deserve. I’ve helped hundreds of couples headed toward divorce fall in love again and experience a successful marriage, and I’d love to help you too.I help couples with trust issues (texting others, hiding cell phones, affairs), communication difficulties, and too much arguing. Learn how to reduce conflict. Increase trust. Reclaim the fire and passion. You deserve to have a thriving love life. Don’t let your relationship problems go untreated for one more day.I am a specialist in the field of marriage and family issues, with both master’s and doctorate degrees in marriage and family therapy and over 12 years of experience in the field. I’d love to help you. Visit my webpage to schedule an appointment today.

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