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Life transitions are everywhere. Relationships, family, career, and life send us in new directions. Have you been feeling disconnected from the world and yourself? Are you having difficulty coping with the demands of life? While we can’t change the past, we can work together to understand better and resolve challenges in life. Greetings, my name is Dr. Tawanda Spaulding, and I am a Professional Life Coach, a Holistic/Intuitive Coach, as well as a Marriage & Family Therapist Intern (IMT #1025). I take pride in helping others release, heal, and manifest their true desires through exploration, creation, and transformation.I‚Äôm here to hold you accountable, ask powerful questions, develop your intuition and help release any obstacles holding you back. Our coaching work will be transformative, empowering, and fun. Each session is designed to be collaborative, conversational, & solution-focused oriented combined with holistic treatment (i.e., Crystal/Charka Healing & Meditation)Having a coach isn’t a sign of weakness or failure; it’s a decision to move forward with a new perspective for a balanced and improved life. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but YOU ARE SOOOO WORTH IT! Contact me for a FREE phone consultation. Let’s push the fear, worry, self-doubt, and inner critic away to clear a path for your success.

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