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They did some maintenance on the property’s main water supply to over 50 residential units. They broke the on/off switch at about 3pm, leaving us without water. They had time to get the replacement part, but instead, after contacting their boss, they delivered 1.5 litres of bottled water to us and the other owners and decided to knock off on time. They came back the next day. It took them the whole day to fix the problem they created, and they charged the property management for their service. We were without water supply for 24 hrs due to their no care, cowboy service. They walk on to our property without permission, use the hose and return it without thanks and dump it in a tangled mess. They come in to the property, promise to clean up after themselves, and leave the place in a mess that takes hours to clean. These are the worst plumbers or service people of any kind I have experienced. We asked them to change a washer. They changed it and took the outlet fitting off, which was not required to be touched. Now every time we use the tap, the tap comes off, spraying water onto the user and on the floor. Don’t engage these people’s services. They are rip off merchants who set about generating income for themselves by destroying your plumbing.

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