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Res Sir/Madam, I well wisher or Dr.Batra”s, working as an hardware engineer in Jayanagar, Banglore. want to bring some important points to your notice. Sir, i had come to your clinic for hair problem at Malleswaram branch then took transfer to jayanagar branch because of Dr.Jyothi but know i cant handle her any more. LET ME EXPLAIN IT CLEARLY : – Sir, when i first came to your clinic at Malleswaram, Dr.JYOTHI took my case, from there after few days she called me and asked to give some references, as told that she has a target and i referred to my friend and sent me. He went, paid full fees then afterwards he never went to clinic. When i asked about it, he said, Dr.JYOTHI had called me and asked to give some references and started flirting. I JUST ignored him thinking that he is wrong, but know i too feel that he was right. Now in these days Dr.JYOTHI is in contact with very regularly and we even meet regularly outside your clinic on Thursday”s as she told that she has week-off. then she used to tell me that they have targets, need references, etc…if i wont then seducing me, telling me to come to her room, cracking some non-veg jokes etc. WHEN ASKED THAT WEATHER IN BATRA”S DO ALL DOCTOR DO LIKE THIS ? SHE SAID “YES” IN BATRA”S ALL DOCTOR DO LIKE THIS ONLY BECAUSE HE NEEDS ONLY TARGET OTHERWISE THEY WILL KILL US, SIR IS IT TRUE ? when i enquired to your employee”s about it, they say, Dr.JOYTHI”S CHARACTER IS NOT GOOD, SHE IS LIKE THAT ONLY, SHE IS AS SAME AS A” CALL-GIRL “. The only difference is that SHE DOES NOT SLEEP WITH ALL. and we dont know “WHY BATRA HAD FAILED IN SELECTING HER AND THEY EVEN WONT TELL ANYTHING TO HER”. I even once meet her sister also, she also told the same. If this is true, then its a baldy shame to you for selecting her, if not then its a bladdy shame on me to take treatment from you. She even brings medicines from clinic saying that, why do you simply come I”ll bring. They wont tell me anything and they even can”t remove me as we have agreement for 3 years AND if i wont listen to her, then ” i wont be allowed to Batara and there is no one to ask her. According to her, you will support her in doing so but according to some its different. I am writing to you because i don”t want the name of Dr.BATARA”S to be known as a call-girl centre. This is because, if so called call-girl (Dr.Jyothi) continues like this, THEN I DON”T THINK YOU WILL GE ABLE TO MAINTAIN THE SAME IMAGE IN MARKET. And if it is true that you too support her, then just get ### inside your campus don”t let it come to public. I EVEN CAN”T LEAVE BATARA BECAUSE I STILL HAVE TRUST ON YOU. So, now take this letter as complaint or request I hope you will look after this matter and do the needful Sorry i cant give my name and your ID number, but i am coming to your clinic from past one year. With regards well wisher Bangalore

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