Dream Travelers Destinations

Dream Travelers Destinations

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We were promised $300 USD, and a few excursions for attending a 90 minute presentation, which we were completely qualified/eligible for their “vacation package.” We listened to their presentation and were genuinely interested, as they offered a crazy amount of money to buy our existing timeshare if we took advantage of their vacation package. The challenge we had with the proposal was we had to pay for their package up front and then they would close on our timeshare within 60 days. I then decided that I wanted to do research on their company, and it took forever to find out who the contract we would sign would be with, and then they finally said Dream Travelers Destinations. All while still at the presentation, I started searching online, and couldn’t find this company name any where. They also use GDS (Global Distribution Systems or Global Destination Systems) as their “mother” company, and I found a few negative reviews about this but nothing that was concrete. I then asked them to provide the contract we would be signing, and from that contract, I found the phone number and searched the phone number online, where I read reviews where people had bought in to their scam and ended up losing out on thousands of dollars and the company never actually bought their timeshare as promised. Furthermore, we read reviews where the company didnt even honor the special gifts and excursions they promised. After reading this, we decided to just say we weren’t interested and wished to get our gifts and leave, after we spent nearly 3 hours with them. Needless to say, the gentleman that was in charge of getting us our gifts came back to us the next day and said that the company was not going to give us the $300 or even honor the excursions they promised to us……and we didn’t even think we would actually see the $300 anyways. After further research after getting home, we also noticed by their 888-424-1328 number, they also have a name called Travelers Choice International, where we found further negative remarks about them. With that said, I’m sure they have several aliases they go by, so beware. They just want your money, and they will lie straight to your face, and if you do go through with their contract, if you want any legal recourse, you have to come back to Mazatlan to file suit. I can’t believe people like this sleep at night and this is how they make a living. What a friggin scam.

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  1. Shena Brull
    June 16, 2020

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