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This company portrayed a vehicle advertising company. They had an advertisement on Facebook that read “advertise on your car and make money”. At first the company seemed legitimate but when I got into signing up there were a few red flags that I kind of “overlooked”. First, the customer service lady, the only “employee” wouldn’t let me talk to a manager. She also told me that she couldn’t understand me. Second, they asked for money down on the account, claiming that the window stickers are expensive to make. And third, they didn’t ask me any personal information such as what type of vehicle I would be advertising on and how long of a commute I have each day.. both are things a company of this nature would want to know. Please don’t sign up with them. Please learn from my stupidity. I have never fell for a scam before and it really makes me angry that I let this slip by.

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  1. Lenard Pouncil
    June 17, 2020

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