Dry Springs Pharmacy

Dry Springs Pharmacy

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This online pharmacy lists lots of the drugs they supposedly sell without a prescription. The prices are very exorbitant and you have to pay through Western Union. You get an email confirming your order followed by another email with what looks like a legitimate tracking number with a legitimate shipper – TNT Express USA. When you track your order with link to shipper they give you in email it showed it was in my town but “held by customs.” They then send you an email saying customs is demanding to see a prescription for your order and for $300 they can provide you with one. For one thing, this isn’t how it works. Customs or DEA or whoever doesn’t care that you don’t have prescription, it’s that these are non-FDA approved drugs. They would simply throw them out – not contact the SELLER of illegal drugs demanding to see a prescription from a buyer. Anyway, then you know you will not be getting anything for the money you sent them. Just another online pharmacy scam.

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  1. Trinh Calhoon
    June 16, 2020

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