Drywizard Drywall Services, Inc

Drywizard Drywall Services, Inc

We learned through our horrible experience, explained in detail below, that Dry Wizard turnover is very high. The company has no ethics and/or professionalism in their work. | I strongly urge you to STAY AWAY from DryWizard Drywall Services, INC. by all means possible. | On May 12, 2017 my house flooded due to a pipe bursting inside a wall. I was put into a contact with DryWizard through my ex-Property Manager (i.e. which I have now fired due to fraudulent activities and currently under investigation; another story for itself). Looking back it’s no wonder why my ex-Property Manager introduced us to DryWizard. They are birds of the same feather. | I signed DryWizard’s one page contract without any research. I completely trusted them. I assigned and transferred all my insurance rights, benefits and causes of action under my property insurance policy to DryWizard so that they handle the restoration and repair of my house; hence the havoc started. | As part of the restoration they ripped off the floor’s brand new carpet, shambled the entire house and then left. | The repair only included carpet replacement, kitchen cabinet repair, bathroom cabinet replacement, sideboard replacement and paint. | They didn’t get back for almost one month, when I finally learnt through my insurance company that they have sent insurance an invoice estimate which was three times the amount of the insurance company’s estimate. Drywizard had fudged a lot of numbers and added extra cost with numerous line items assuming no one would actually read the estimate!! Their plan was to milk the insurance company and it backfired on them. | After three months, August 2017, we were able to schedule a walk through with Drywizard in order to review what needs to be repaired and adjust the estimate accordingly. | I also spent good time reviewing Drywizard’s estimate and outlined the line items that were unnecessary and asked for reasons and explanation. | Drywizard came back with an updated estimate and cut out some lines from the invoice. They also fudged the Square Footage of the house to compensate for the cut line items, so the total cost for the updated estimate was the same as the first estimate!! | They are crooks from their Boss, their adjustor specialist and their general contractors. | Eventually, in September 2017, I hired an attorney and put them on notice that I may file a lawsuit against them and they have to pay all the costs they’ve incurred me. Drywizard suggested I sign the repair check and once they have the check they’ll finish the work with that money, no more. But I had to sign the check for them first. | I strongly believed they would never step in my house once they’ve received the final check. | Therefore, I had the insurance company split the check in half. I signed the first check to start the work and we agreed that I’ll sign the second check when Drywizard had completed the repairs. | December 2017, they got the first check and after couple of rescheduling the time – six months after the flood incident – they went to the premise on December 22th, to install the carpet. They made a mess in the house and left it in terrible situation during Christmas time; mess everywhere around the house, relocated family’s furniture and broke the kids’ drawer. | January 2018, still Dry Wizard had not started the work and kept changing the schedule. If I had signed the original check, they would have ran off with it with no trace. | February 2018, finally they got in to the house to do some work and they did a shamble work again which ire my property manager. They destroyed one of the dressers. | March 21, 2018, finally they finished off the remaining repair in the house and were completely out of the house; they still owe us a new dresser.

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