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I have two unauthorized charges on my Wells Fargo debit card,both in which were from the same company: Dunn Brothers. I immediately contacted my bank, Wells Fargo and also canceled my debit card so this does not happen again. | I am currently working with the fraud division at Wells Fargo bank to resolve this issue and get to the bottom of it. Both unauthorized charges are less than a month a part, totaling over $30.00. | I immediately tried to contact Dunn Brothers three times, when the first unauthorized charge was posted to my account. Also when the unauthorized charge was posted to my bank, it caused an overdraft fee of $25.00. | The second charge was posted to my account yesterday which is incorrect because I wasn’t even in Minnesota when they charged my account. Wells Fargo fraud division told me that they will try to contact Dunn brothers to find out what the problem is. | I just contacted Dunn Brothers yet again, for the third time last night and they FINALLY decided to contact me back. I am extremely concerned & in distress regarding these unauthorized transactions taken out of my bank account. | I have already contacted MPD, as well as several other agencies, to alert them of potential fraudulent charges from Dunn Brothers. If you have any questions and or would like to contact me, please feel free to at your convenience. | I just wanted to make your agency aware of this matter, so it doesn’t happen to any other consumer in the future. Thank you.

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