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Frustrated of being told to “relax”, “calm down”, “you are too sensitive”, “grow up” & “get over it already, or “you worry to much”? People tell you this as if you do not want to relax, stop overthinking, overreact and worry! If you could, you would! Being told this from friends and loved ones does not help. In fact, it can cause you to feel much worse! You probably have tried to stop on your own, but your mind continues to fill up with thoughts that cause you to become stressed and you struggle to turn your brain off! You are not alone! I get it and can absolutely relate! This why I am so dedicated in helping people find relief! Together we will find the direct cause of what is holding you back using researched backed techniques like EMDR, Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), & Dialectical Behavior Therapy. EMDR is a powerful modality that can help someone find freedom. CBT & DBT can help someone gain more control over their thoughts and manage their emotions. Boca Raton Counseling Center (BRCC) can help you find your true self. You do not have to feel this way forever. My practice prides itself on its human and authentic approach. Isn’t it time you face making positive changes to start really living again? I want to help you! I am a phone call, text or a email away. Let’s get started now & do this right!

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