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I finished a survey and at the end of the survey I was told that I would receive a free gift. There were many gifts to choose from and I chose the E-cig. There were 3 steps to do to get the free e-cig and pay only $4.99 for shipping and handling. The first step was name and address information, the second step was credit card info and I completed the first two steps. The third step was to join their e-cig juice club to receive supplies and juice automatically. I did not want to do that so I just left the website completely and did not even expect to be receiving an e-cig. About a week later I got an e-cig in the mail and the next day there was a charge of $99.00 taken from my bank account. I was furious and tried to call the phone number that was associated with the charge on my account and it just said that the number couldn’t be reached from my area code. | About a week ago I received some e-liquid in the mail that I did not order and a $66.00 charge to my debit card. I’m fed up and to protect myself I will get a new debit card so they cannot rob me of my hard earned money anymore. | I will not order off the internet again, hard lesson learned.

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