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I have been signed up with this company since 2001 and still to this day am still thinking i’ve been making money with this website. After all these years my subscription ran out with my email address. I got a new one and when i went to Emailpaysu to change my email address, it never changed over. For 2 days now i have been trying to change it on their website. When it finally dawned on me it was not going to happen, i google this place and was sent here where someone else had trouble with Emailpaysu. I am so angry because these people owe me a lot. I have referred hundreds of people, which i won’t be paid for. They kept going up on the amount it takes to redeem, but now you can’t get in touch with anyone. | How does this great big internet swallow someone where they can’t be found? You can’t find an email address to contact the owner of this website. I’m not even sure if the person i think owns this site anymore. If anyone knows the email address for this owner so i can get in touch with him, please let me know. | Thanks for your help, and i’m sorry to anyone else who got sucked in.

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