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Eagles Nest Motor Sports Chris I am alerting consumers out there on unfair practices & incompetence actions by Eagles Nest in Syosset. I brought my Porsche in for a repair & wound up Eagle’s Nest finding faults where I had never got any indications there was something wrong. The final Straw was when they replaced my shifter cables that were the completely wrong part which made shifting impossible. They insisted it was fine even though they knew it was not proper. I finally took the car to Porsche of Roslyn who confirmed that they put the wrong part in & couldn’t understand why they would not rectify the issue. Anyway, believe me or not. Call Porsche of Roslyn and confirm if U wish 516-625-5544 & a lot more details if U wish to call me 16-375-8158 (Yanni). They have been reported to AMEX, BBB and many more. Hope U consumers heed my advise & not the 5 stars written by his buddies. Soon all will know… Syosset New York

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I ordered embroidery cd’s from them they charged my bill me later account and did not deliver any goods.I tried to use e mail

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