Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc.

Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. Review

Earth Weave Carpet Mills, | Defective carpet, defective padding, defective customer service, not listed with the Secretary of state of California. | We have purchased over 45 thousand dollars worth of carpet from | Earth Weave Carpet Mills over a five year period. | We purchased our first carpet from Earth Weave Carpet Mills Inc. on June 20Th 2005, | This carpet was well made and had a great green story. | We have had three defective carpets from Earth Weave Carpet Mills Inc. | The first Defective carpet was ordered on June 11th 2009. | The Customer contacted me and said that the carpet did not look like the sample. I contacted the representative for Earth Weave(Peter) and we went to the customers home and we found that the carpet had a sheering issue. I apologized to the customer that I was sorry for this and that this was the first time that I have had a problem with an Earth Weave carpet. Peter contacted James Stinnett (owner of Earth Weave and we were told to contact a carpet sheerer to correct the problem. I was put in contact with The only person in northern California that could have done this work and he let me know that he had sold his machine. The customer has now waited for weeks and was getting agitated ( I would have been to) At this point I demanded that James replace the carpet and charged him a reasonable profit. | Reinstalling a replacement for defective carpet takes time away from my installers and we loose money. The Song Beverly Act was passed by the courts to keep carpet manufactures from having to little quality control and costing carpet retailers and installers from wasting there time. | The second was ordered on November 26th 2009, | My crew chief called me and said the carpet has two lines four inches wide running down the center of the roll. I went over to see and contacted James Stinnett at Earth Weave. | James Stinnett asked if the customer would take a discount, I said It looks really bad when you stand back and look at it. | When I asked James how much to offer the customer he said you can offer him $800.00 but start with $200.00 and go up there. I offered him the $800.00 first thing. | I apologized to the customer that I was sorry for this and that this was the first time that I have had a problem with an Earth Weave carpet. I explained I will reorder the carpet but it will take a week to get in, or Earth Weave has offered you $800.00 to keep the carpet with the defect. The customer said he would take the discount because it was the kid’s room and they needed to get moved in. | The third was defective carpet was ordered on November 26th 2009. | The customers had construction delays and we were not ready to install until May, 5th 2010. We installed the living room and my installer went outside to get something and when he came back in he say the same lines in the carpet that he had seen on the other job site. He stopped and called me. I went to the site and confirmed the defect. Same thing, two four inch lines running parallel about 4 inches apart. We looked at the Earth Weave invoice and realized that it was from the same batch as the one that the previous customer purchased.

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