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I have been a customer of earthlink since 2015 but no more based on the latest experience i have had with the company. | I returned home after a two week trip abroad on september 15, 2019 only to be told by my daughter that our internet service had been spotty if not non-existent during my absence of two weeks. | I contacted earthlink on 9/17/19 and the technician had difficulty trying to solve my problem and opened a trouble ticket. On or about 9/18/19, earthlink called me back to inform me and i quote, “our contractor who services our lines global communications, has informed us that they no longer have the technology to service the lines.” | Upon hearing this, i made the technician repeat what he told me and i prompty repeated this to him. I then told him that what the company was doing was purportrating fraud on it’s customers and that i would be leaving earthlink. The technician then confirmed to me that there were many customers who were leaving. | I subsequently called earthlink back and had the first technician’s story confirmed by a technician who handeled dsl problems. I thanked him for the confirmation and hung up. | What earthlink is doing is charging it’s customers for services In this case dsl) that they can no longer provide accurately and free from constant problems. The company has not to my knowledge informed it’s customers of this fact. It continues to charge it’s customers who have dsl money when it cannot provide service as it’s equipment is no longer supported. | Since finding this fact out and having read a few reports on the scamion, i strongly encourage those of you who are or were customers of earthlink and who had this problem to contact your state attorney general, the federal trade commission and the federal communications commission and lodge complaints with all three entities. | Finally, for those of you who have complained about earthlink’s customer service, there is none. When the company was sold several years ago, it transferred all of its billing, techincal and support staff to india! there is noone in the united states who can or will help you and the staff abroad reads from scripts and can only do what they are told to do such as tell you that the problem is on your end when it is in fact earthlink’s problem. | I have subsequently switched carriers and when the new carrier’s technician/installer came to install service, i asked as to the state of earthlink’s lines. He informed me that they were a poor state of condition and that it appeared that they had not been maintained for some time.

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  1. Patrice Daimaru
    June 17, 2020

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