Went to the EastBay website, selected item, added to cart, entered discount code, applied discount, website accepted discount (item was not shown as being dissallowed the discount), proceeded to payment, payment for the amount was accepted and processed. Two days later a second charge for all the discounts, (including normal store discount plus the promotion code discount) showed up on my credit card. Contacted EastBay customer service, got nowhere with the agent, requested the manager, she stated that the item was not allowed the discount and therefore I was charged for the discount, even though their site did not state this at the time of processing, as it has every time I have used the site. She refused to even apply the normal store discount to the transaction, and stated that I read the site wrong and that the completed transaction for the discount never occured. She even stated that I was reading my credit card charges wrong, that there was no second charge for the dissallowed discount. | I have purchased items from Eastbay before, and used discount codes, some were accepted on products, some were not. Customer Service Manager I spoke with claimed that the site does not show you if the discount is allowed or not, and that it is their perogitive later to tell you if it applies, and then you are responsible for the charges. Her statement is intentionally false, as the site immediately tells you if the discount is applied. When confronted with this fact, she became extremely combative and accusatory of my inability to use their site. | A second call was placed, this customer service agent stated that there are errors in their system, intentional or not. She stated that the managers do have some issues with the truth and routinely berate customers. She atleast applied the sites normal stated discount, yet refused the discount code and blamed it on Nike. | This company, via its personnel, have ethical issues. There is malfesance in their business methods and lying appears to be a standard practice. The major issue, they make the customer pay for their failures. I understand that the retail space is highly competitive, violating commerce law and lying should not be used to boost margin.

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