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Short version: * Surprise deliveries. * $180 fee for tank removal, unless you sell the house. Then the buyer gets charged for your remaining fuel. If they don’t want Eastern Propane, the tank is removed for free. (Hmmmm…why can’t they offer free removal for loyal customers who are moving. I certainly won’t use them again after paying that charge!) * If you want your unexpected fuel delivery removed from you tank you may do so… at the rate of $72/ half hour or $95 an hour!!! * If you cannot pay off said unexpected delivery and decide to put yourself on a payment plan, your tank will be “capped for non-payment” and your account frozen until your house is sold and they attempt to rope in the unsuspecting new owners or until you give in and pay the $180 removal fee. Two years ago I dealt with an extremely rude manager in Hawley while attempting to discuss my rate. I ended up calling NJ office and speaking to their manager who handled it. She was wonderful. If you are stuck in a tough situation, tryi it. As for me…I won’t deal with the Hawley office again and unfortunately, I won’t deal with the company again. Their website says “We believe in listening”. What a crock!

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  1. Chantel Asch
    June 16, 2020
  2. Virgil Herring
    June 16, 2020

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