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I found in one of the Web sites Call for partnership in profitable business venture in Bahrain (See the attached file number one) | Communicated with announcement owner, was an Australian citizen of Polish origin in the late forties (her name is: Izabela Monika Perera- Australian passport), began respectable lady used commercial terms and it seemed to me she aware about international market, her project is Beauty and Skin Care Center for both sexes. | The agreement made that I will be the one to Finance the project and she will be the one to manage the center with fixed Versus steady profits monthly, the agreement was to start with small branch in Bahrain and then to elaborate to other Gulf countries(Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, U.A.E. Kuwait). | The agreement to be a way of funding delivery of the parties in two installments, with the first signing of the agreement and the second installment after taking the approval and licensing of the Bahraini government and do I pay directly to the company supplier of equipment in Poland. | I paid the first installment of 50% of the agreed amount, and signed the papers, she gave me bounced check worth the amount paid to her, check was in her previous company name (Eco Homes & Buildings Co. W.L.L), actually company& account both are closed long time back, as agreed she will give me valid check when she extracted new shop permit and open an account in the name of the shop. Checks will be in monthly amount agreed for. | The agreement was to be the opening of the shop Jan. 2015 at the latest. But throughout the month after signing the contract( September 2014), I wait without any updates or developments on the shop, and when call her the answer was that she is in a beautician course in Dubai, that will not take her long, and keep telling me that everything is okay and as per the plan. in end of October received Emile including attached with the initial activity approved by the Ministry of Commerce in Bahrain (Attached No.2) | Here she requested me with the second installment for the purchase of equipments in order to begin processing the shop. She sent me a bill for the company in Poland. The conversion amount as agreed (the remaining 50%), and sent her a copy of the receipt which I still keep the original one. | Later, over a month and two without any evolution in the shop, her Mobile is always off and even the delay in responding to emails, end of December 2014, I received an email of her report that she paid the down payment for the architect of Pakistani decorative doing, but he took the money then escaped and now she is in Singapore on her way to Australia because of the bad political situation in Bahrain, which is unsafe for not completing the project, her statment (. (Ann 3) | When asked about my money and how to restore it?, confirmed payment in February 2015, but nothing happen in that date, few weeks later received an email from her mentioning that she had the idea to do the same project in Australia, and will pay me the first week of March 2015, but again did not happen. | In April 2015 sent me an email telling that she opened a shop and she is very busy with that, meanwhile asked for my account information in order to send me some money, I send her comprehensive title and all the traditional applications in bank transfers, few days later received another email from her telling that “bank refused transfer” and she asking for my passport copy. I communicated two Australian banks, and both confirmed that passport copy not required for any international transfer. So I knew she doesn’t want to pay money, all what she do is just wasting time. | I send her email asking her lawyer contact details so we can have a deal and even I can send him my passport copy, but she refused, I asked her to send me shop address since I’m a partner, refused too. | Few days later replied that she can’t pay the money now, she needs time to do that, after that she stopped replying my emails. | According to what I read on this site it’s the same method used by the fraud earlier in the United Arab Emirates, Poland and Australia. fake deal, you pay 50% and then you have two options, to pay remaining 50% which mean you lose all your money, or stepping back and then she will claim that you are the one who break the deal and don’t have the right to ask for the money. Smart way to fraud people | But for me I fulfill the agreement and paid 100%. | All what I have now is bounced check and equipments receipt

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