Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc

Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc

The Economic Frauds Detection & Prevention Inc. makes fake posts about people and companies then tries to extort you for $650 to take you off their site. My name is Abdalelah Haroun and Economic Frauds report posted many fake posts about me. Not one of these people used a real name because they are not real. I refuse to pay them $650 to take the lies about me off their site. Google the Economic Frauds SCAM and see they are the scammers. The owner is wanted by the FBI for extortion and fraud. Once you are put on that site it goes to number 1 spot when someone googles your name so not cool. | I really don’t care what they wrote and I’m definitely not stupid enough to pay them $650 to take me off their site but hey if they are a site saving people from scammers then why would they let the scammer pay their way off the site??? Shouldn’t they want that info to stay forever so no one gets scammed by these people instead of letting the scammer pay his way off so he can continue scamming people? That just doesn’t make sense. | The internet is so full of lies. People with no lives and nothing to do will read a post they have nothing to do with, just so they can converse with other people. They add their 2 cents worth and write up fake posts when they don’t even know me or anything about me.

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