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I hired this company and it has been nothing but trouble. First, the technician was caught going through my daughters nightstand drawers. He denied it, but he was seen doing it. The company did apologize, but really, who can trust this company after that. Then, I specifically asked that they not come when I am not home. They continued to schedule service at their convenience and not mine. I doubt they ever really did the service like they were paid to do. After all, I wasn’t home, so how would I know? There are plenty of bugs still around my house. | Talk about poor customer service: they won’t even listen to you. All they want to do is prove they are right. I paid their $179 cancellation fee, which is a total rip-off but at least I don’t have to have them coming back to my house. I can’t believe I fell for their lousy contract. It is all one-sided and it is their side. Buyer beware.

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