Edinarcoin.Com Review

Edinarcoin 999 trillion dollars ponzi scheme | edinarcoin is fooling people, saying it as a cryptocurrency | infact it is not even a crypto currency | there is no public and private key | there is no blockchain | it is just website with affiliate program, a pyramid scheme | wherein you pay to join and refer other members | it is pure affiliate program website running on cloudflares cloud system | how iam surprised how they got managed to get into currency exchange | iam requesting all of you to report it to authorities or wherever you can | since such a scam at a massive level, will bring goverment regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain | even though edinar is not a cryptocurrency, it will bring cryptocurrency a very bad name | and invite regulations | we must self regulate and kick these ponzi masters outof the system | on these page they are claiming to print 999 trillion dollars | scam at such a massive scale | please report it and make it shutdown

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