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For the past year and a half we have been dealing with a Hong Kong-based gentlemen by the name of Edwin B. Go. | Mr. Go claims to be the grandson of Ernest L. Go, founder of The Bank of the Orient. | bankorient.com/about/history.php | He sells himself as a very sucessful lifetime professional banker who is since retired from the family bank to pursue his own investment interests. | I am one of two owners of a Hong Kong and China based manufacturing. | We approached Mr. Go regarding the raising of USD $25 million for a company expansion. | After numerous discussions over a period of a month, an agreement was reached and a plan put in place to raise the required amount. | At this point the truth started to slowly be revealed. | We committed hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours towards the expansion on the back of formal signed agreements and contracts. | 1-1/2 years later and Mr. Go has not committed or produced a single cent towards our project. | He continually promises funds (which he claims are his own personal funds) but never actually delivers | Instead he continually supplies a long string of excuses, a few of my personal favorites:

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