Efficient Home Services of Florida

Efficient Home Services of Florida

On February 11 2017 Brian Leezer a sales representative from Efficient Home Services of Florida came to our house and sold us (Natalie Bell and Jeff Curry) on a package that would include solar panel installation, a new 30 year roof, new duct work throughout the house, insulation in the attic, and a solar attic fan. The total cost financed for this project was 32,900.00 to be paid over 20 years on a 6.99% fixed interest rate. There was defendant sticker shock but when we considered the total cost to have these projects competed individually, it made sense. Brian Leezer sold us when he “guaranteed” that our electric bill through Duke Energy would be reduced to only the $8.00 connection fee. Even their website says “100% guaranteed to lower your electric bill.” The website and sales pitch also promised 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We had seen their commercials on TV and felt it was a reputable company to work with. After we signed the papers we even spoke to one of the owners named Wiley who promised the same as Brian and congratulated us on our new wise decision. We were absolutely wrong! | We were working with Amber for project management and outside of a few minor hiccups in the beginning with scheduling work pretty much everything went as planned. All of the work was supposedly completed by licensed contractors who specialize in this type of work. The project took a while to complete but finally on May 19, 2017 the city of Largo was here to inspect our new system. Right away the inspection failed because our electrical panel was located in a closet in one of our bedrooms. I am a nurse not an electrician and neither is Jeff but come to find out if a house was built before 1980, and ours was, it is okay to have an electrical box a closet. Well that is unless you tie new electrical into the box to have inspected. Brian when he inspected our house before the project started and all the supposed licensed electricians who installed the equipment and tied into the existing panel box did not mention anything about this being an issue | . I called Amber the project manager to let her know what happened during the inspection and her answer was basically “oh well, I guess you have to get it moved and we aren’t responsible for it.” Jeff and I would have never agreed had we known it was going to cost us as much as having a professional electrician that we had to find on our own come out. We contracted Mister Sparky who came out to move the electric panel outside approximately 2 feet for the price of $4,770.00. OUCH! We are a mostly paycheck to paycheck family with four kids in the house, this whipped out any savings we did have and we still currently have a credit card debt owed for this. We called Amber to let her know the cost and how disappointed we were and the hardship this put on our family. We were met with uncaringness and an unwillingness to help. | Finally on May 26, 2017 the city of Largo passed the inspection for the solar panel project. We now just had to wait for Duke Energy to switch out the meter and turn us on for solar. While we were waiting for this to happen we noticed it was getting really hot in our kids rooms and our bedroom wasn’t cooling down as much as before. We called Amber again and she promised to have their duct work contractor come out to find out what was happening. After weeks of being promised they were coming out on certain days and having to take of work to be here for no one to show up, Amber then gave us the number to the contractor and said we should call him daily until we heard from him. Well we never did hear from him so once again we were calling Amber. There was an excuse that the contractor’s wife was diagnosed with cancer and he wasn’t able to work. If that is true I feel terrible for him and his family and I wish them nothing but health. Unfortunately though we were still dealing with really hot room’s right into the summer months. Amber finally got another contractor out and they inspect the duct and come to find out the ducts installed were undersized for our house and they did not seal the back of the air handler so we were pumping our AC into our exterior laundry room. The work was redone but still the back of the air handler was not sealed so once again we took off more work to be here so they could come back again to repair it. When we called to schedule them to come back we find out to our surprise that Amber no longer works for Efficient Home Services of Florida and we now have to communicate with a man named Dana. | This is now well into July and we are having to pay monthly on the $32,900.00 and pay our electric bill. The first true bill was $177.00 which was no less than we had paid before and combined with the $196.00 a month we pay for the project a month we are now paying well over what we have ever paid in electric. At the end of August we received our next electric bill for $247.00. Well above any electric bill we have ever paid. I called Dana and explained the entire situation and he advise he would send out an installer to check the system. Another day taken off work and an installer named William came out to check the system and come to find out it had a “fault” red light on. Dana had promised to talk with Wiley and call me back regarding their promises and guarantees but did not. When I called Dana back he gave me the run around and said he would call me back after talking with Wiley. As of tonight October 5, 2017 I have not heard back from Dana or Wiley. The system continues to not produce enough energy to lower our electric bill as promised. This company is full of broken promises, faulty equipment, and poor business practices. They have burdened a working class family, whipped out our savings, and saddled us with a bill for the next 20 years. | I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!

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