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Eisbach Facial Plastic Surgery Review

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I am very sad and disappointed to report that Dr Eisbach’s treatment of me was not even remotely helpful or satisfactory. I agreed to a treatment to reduce redness and small broken capillaries on my face. | His office assured me they could do it; I paid in full and then was submitted to over 50, Yes, FIFTY needle sticks on my face. That was after I realized they were going to use a needle, which was NOT disclosed to me in the initial appointment where they described the procedure. It was deceitful at best. | The follow-up was scheduled for 6 weeks later, a full week after they’d recommended I come back. I wanted to give extra time since they said not all procedures work within a month or even 5 weeks. I could see no improvement in the redness or appearance. In the follow-up I asked to see the ‘before’ photos and was given only a glance. It seems they had to work hard to find a small patch where they could say ‘this looks improved’. I had to wait over 30 minutes from the scheduled appointment follow-up, so I was definitely disturbed by the treatment. I was offered another set of torture, and I declined. I can not recommend anyone go to this place.

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