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I am writing in regard to a timeshare Las Vegas-Grandview | I have read some of the complaints on here in regards to the selling of these Timeshares and all the lies you were given from these people, simply Disgusting but unfortunately I am in the same boat as I was co-earsed into getting one of these 2 bedroom apartments also. | The stories that were on this website never come to any conclusions, I have recently seperasted from my partner and am struggling to make payments, the timeshare was under both our names and I AM going to stop making payments or I will be living on the streets, I currently pay $650 US Dollars a month which is equivalent to $1000 minimum NZ dollars depending on the exchange rates in which it has been payed for 2 years and the contract doesn’t end until 2021. This was easier to pay when there were 2 but not easy with 1. | My questions are fairly obvious, because (WE) as it is under both our names do not live in America, dont really care if they bad credit me in America as it is obvious I do not live there, not even worried whether I use the said Timeshare as the week they gave me was a waste of time anyway as I told them during the session but they rushed us out. What are the repercussions for not paying this Enormous debt off. | We put this up for Sale on Sell my Timeshare in America which again cost us around $1200 NZ, which I am not going to do again because in comparison to all the other Timeshares sold on that website for the grandview-Vegas we had no show as some were being sold for $5, seems to me that this is another Rip off Idea. | Please if anyone has any ideas for me or answers, send me a reply. | I and probably my ex partner have fun memories of America except this being a nightmare, financial issues became a big thorn in my side, and this was probably the cream on the cake to a lot of our seperation. | Thank you, | Look forward to hearing from people in the same predicament.

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