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Eleven Salon & Spa

The first time, I came in for a haircut and subtle highlights…. | First, I didn’t receive highlights I received a bleached job. I have included before and after pics and it’s horrible!!! | Second, I expected to pay around $80 seeing how I was just getting a men’s haircut, and men’s color/men’s highlights. Was told at the end I owed $225!!! She said was cause of highlights n “gloss”. She then said let her check on something and came back and said it was $165. I paid and left. | I then called Saturday and asked to speak to someone in charge cause I was extremely dissatisfied. She said someone would call me back. I asked when, and she said today (Saturday). It’s Sunday evening and no one called me back. | After emailing this to them the “Owner of Eleven Salon and Spa” Nikki Oden contacted me and said how mortified she was I had this experience and asked me to give her a chance to fix it. | At first I just wanted a refund because this was really horrible, but I agreed to allow them to try and fix my hair. She said we would discuss the finances later. | When I went back, my apointment was for 12:00pm. I arrived around 11:45am. After waiting thirty minutes and no one telling me what was going on, I emailed Nikki, the owner of Eleven Salon and Spa, explained I had been waiting and once again this was becoming very aggrivaiting. Right after I emailed her the second “Color” expert came out front and apologized for the wait and sat me in the back to wait some more while she finished with someone else. | The first things the second “Expert” from Eleven Salon and Spa said was how horrible it looked. | In the middle of this process the Owner of Eleven Salon and Spa, Nikki Oden, stopped over and said how happy she was to try and fix this experience. She then told them to make sure I don’t leave without a tour of the Spa. | After hours of them fixing my hair again (Which by the way at the longest point is 3 inches) I leave with no tour and nor monetary reimbursment. | I then texted Nikki Oden an said I did like the hair much better and thanked her for taking the matter seriously. I asked about the partial refund since I was only expecting a Men’s Color and Recieved a Horrible bleach Job. She said she would have someone from her PR & Marketing team reach out to me. The person contacted me and offered me to come back and try the spa for Free. I explained I have taken Hours of my schedule twice now and I don’t have time to do this a third time for them to make this right. I simply want to pay what was first expected a Men’s Cut and Men’s Color. They said they would be willing to refund $40 which still would leave me paying $125 for what my original cost for the Men’s Cut and Color would of been $80 | At that point she said there is nothing that would ever make me happy and said that a credit at Eleven Salon and Spa would be there but they will they have no intentions of any refund.

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