Elite Connections Matchmakers LA

Elite Connections Matchmakers LA

Truth be told, this is a difficult business and working for Sherri was the most stressful job I ever had! I worked from her home in the same small room next to Veronica. It was highly stressful. Sherri is such a disorganized person and there was daily confusion. The reality is, the vast majority of the women are not met in person since they join for free. The women are not properly vetted. I worked for Sherri as her assistant, and then became a matchmaker. I shared a small room with Veronica and it was difficult because we were always on the phone or skype. I can honestly say that the positive reviews on Google are FAKE. Sherri asked her employees and friends to leave a review on Google and Yelp. | The clients were not happy and the job became too stressful so I resigned. The end was when Sherri yelled in my face. She is a very disrespectful person. | The reviews are FAKE! The attractive womens profiles are FAKE! She has false reviews on Google so that her ad will appear. Then when there is a complaint, she always says that it is a fake complaint. Like Trump= Fake News! Sherri= Fake Reviews when THEY ARE TRUE! She is not running the company with any integrity. I resigned after feeling the stress and she yelled in my face one day so I knew it was time for me to go. I really dislike that she has requested from many people to leave fake reviews. | The biggest problem is that she will take on any and every client that wants to join, regardless of whether she can actually match them with someone. Then she had me and the other assistant doing the matching. The men would get very angry with us on the phone. They were so unhappy with the matches. There is a large database of women ONLY in Southern California, that is it. New York is small and the other areas she claims to do business is basically obsolete! | Sherri has a hard time keeping matchmakers working for her. She hires women with no experience. Tammi Pickle (her daughter) works part-time and does not match people successfully at all. | The only reason there is any type of publicity; whether it be Dr Phil or another show is due to the fascination of this industry. Truth is, if someone like myself would go on this show and reveal the hard facts about this business (insider information), I think the industry would need to make some major improvements. |

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