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Perhaps you’re at the end of your rope, been abused, and feel deep, emotional pain, shame and guilt. Maybe you’ve had difficult months or years, and family members are really not there for you. Even your friends, although great, don’t understand. Perhaps you tried many self-help remedies, and the bottom line is: Nothing changes. You may be a Bible-believing Christian, yet God seems a million miles away. Or perhaps you realized your issues, but don’t know what to do or who to talk to. Conceivably, people’s addictions and dysfunctions have created a trap, and you can’t climb out.I’ve been there and felt that. I’m a Christian mental health professional whose life experience, personal issues, and excellent training puts me in a good place to help. I’m truly concerned about my clients, feel compassion, and pray for each one individually every day. My specialties are anger, anxiety/depression, trauma, guilt and shame. I especially understand fear, anxiety/depression, shame, guilt and perfectionism. I use Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, CBT, Scripture, and Trauma-Focused therapies when appropriate. Each person is unique and important. I’ll serve you with energy and compassion. Distance counseling is available.

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