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If you are looking for a solution-focused, strength-based, and agile approach to marriage & family therapy & individual counseling in Tampa, you have found a great place to start creating a more self-aware, intentional, and happier life. We will: 1. Assess and attune to your unique situation, needs and the needs of loved ones 2. Agree to collaborate and develop a plan together to create specific intentions, goals and measurable outcomes 3. Accountability helps make the changes last! I’ll give you the tools you need to understand what changes need to be made, avoid relapse & continue to create changes that you DO want to see happen!I‚Äôve created a transformational approach that: Helps hold you accountable for being AWARE of the changes you want to make. Facilitates COLLABORATION regarding the AWARENESSES of things that could be better to create AGREEMENTS from the AWARENESSES. Follow up to REFLECT and determine if the AGREEMENTS are working. If not, Let’s troubleshoot any obstacles.My goal is to provide you with a comfortable, respectful and supportive environment where you feel open to exploring any issues that come up. I will hold space for anything that you need to process. If I am not the right fit for you, I will help provide you with resources to find the place for YOU. My goal is to help you in any capacity that I am able to!

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