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Are you worried about your child’s well being? Is your child’s behavior causing some concern for you? Are you suspecting that your child is having a hard time expressing themselves? Parents want what is best for their children but at times can feel helpless and lost when they see their child struggling. Regardless of your situation with your child, there is hope for a brighter and happier future.As a registered play therapist I can help your child learn ways to express their feelings, cope with difficulties, and resolve internal struggles. I provide a supportive environment where children can feel free to be themselves and parents can feel understood. I believe working closely with the family is key to helping children move forward.Are you an adult concerned with changes in your life? Do you feel stuck or worried? As a licensed mental health counselor I am devoted to helping my clients challenge their doubts and insecurities and explore their full potential. Together we will work towards healing and growth.

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