Scam, fraud Hello, DARIUS HOWARD Subject: Loan Confirmation Loan Approval: APL3398 Loan Amount: $2000 Loan Term: 24 Months Monthly Payments: $92 As a company we do not believe in any upfront in form of cash, credit or debit card. Only a guarantee is required from the customer which your loan officer would tell how to process. Please call at below mentioned number NOW to get money cash within 24 Hours!!! Authorized by Better Business Bureau Thanks and Regards JOHN WALKER Loan Officer E-Loan Finance +1(240)670-6739 HYPERLINK “http://www.eloanfinance.com” www.eloanfinance.com | Terms and Conditions Any use of our services at Priority Loan Servicing is governed by the following terms and conditions. Read the following carefully before you avail any of our services. The content published in the mail is owned by Cash Priority Loan Servicing. You can use it for personal purpose only. Copying of content or republishing it for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. The content is for general information only. | 1. The customer needs to be a citizen of the US, have an active bank account and earn steady income every month you will be considered as eligible to avail our loan services. | 2. The customer can avail an amount ranging up to $2000 to $10000 as personal loans at PRIORITY Long term loan. | 3. The customer has to call us back as soon as he receives this mail and once customer follow the procedure as mentioned by loan officer then the loan amount will be deposited in to the customer’s account within one working our through EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer). | 4. We are going to Deposit some verification funds into your account to check whether the EFT service is working properly or not and it’s not a part of your loan amount and it’s not for your personal use, it’s only for to make sure that the EFT service is working perfectly. The first amount which we are going to deposit in your account it’s an State Government funds. So first of all you have to refund those verification funds back to the company once you receive it in your account, and then after your loan amount will be deposited in your account once you refund it. | 5. Before we deposit the loan amount into your account its compulsory to refund the verification funds back to company. If in case you will not refund the verification funds back to the company than you have face legal consequences, because it’s an state government funds it has to be refund back to the in any condition. PREPAYMENT: You may prepay this agreement in full or in part at any time without penalty, except you may be assessed A minimum finance charge of $5 when the amount financed is $75 or less and $7.50 when the amount financed is greater than $75 Earned finance charges are determined by applying the annual percentage rate to the unpaid balance of the amount Financed for the actual time those balances were unpaid. | You are not obligated to pay the unearned portion of the disclosed Finance Charge. DEFAULT: A customer shall be in default under this Agreement when the payment remains unpaid for more than 40 days After its scheduled or deferred due date, or if the customer fails to comply with any of the terms of this Agreement if the Failure materially impairs the condition, value or protection of or the Lender’s right to the collateral or materially impairs the Customer’s ability to pay the obligation due under this Agreement LENDER’S RIGHTS IN THE EVENT OF DEFAULT: In the event of default, and if you have the right to cure the default pursuant to sec. 425.105, Wis. Stats., you fail to cure the default within 15 days after you are given notice of the default, the lender may declare the whole outstanding balance due under this agreement payable at once and proceed to collect it, including commencing legal action. | TIME: It is essential that you make your payment on time. Repayment Guarantee I understand and agree, that all shares, interest and deposit with PRIORITY PAYDAY LOAN SERVICING LLC and owned by me are hereby pledged individual or/and severally as security for the said loan on such part of it’s as may be granted. In the case of default by me, the treasurer is hereby authorized to deduct any balance, interest and cost pertaining to the aforementioned loan from the security hereby pledged. | Should the loan not be granted this guarantee automatically becomes null. Signature…………………… Date…………………………… Loan Amount Breakup Number of Payments 24 Monthly Payment Total Interest Cost $92 $214 Loan Amount$ $2000 Data Protection Act 1998: Your personal information will be treated as confidential and only disclosed; A. At Your Request B, To prevent Fraud or by the order of the courts. You are entitled to a copy of the information we hold about you by writing to us and requesting it. There is a fee for the service I hereby declare that the foregoing particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and Agreed to abide by the By-laws of society conditions and terms of the loan policy and variations by the credit Committee as above. | I hereby authorize the necessary deduction to be made from my salary as repayment of the loan. Please attach your photo id below your signature Signature…………………Date……………………… State License Information Licenses Banco Popular de Puerto Rico maintains the following state license in order to originate unsecured installment loans, as more particularly described in each corresponding license. Eloan is a Division of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico. Maryland Installment Loan Authorized Lender Lic No. 2325

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