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Are you or your child struggling with ADHD? Let us help you! Tampa Bay Area Counseling provides ADHD assessments for children, adolescents, and adults as well as ADHD consulting. Through our consultation services, we educate clients about what ADHD truly is and how to effectively manage their daily struggles. We use a collaborative approach in which we work together with each client to help them define themselves by their strengths and focus on maximizing these strengths. We understand that these struggles to only affect the individual but also the entire family system. Therefore, we help parents empower their child to thrive.Our goal is to help our clients take charge of their lives while feeling more positive about their future with ADHD. Depending on each individual client’s struggles, consulting sessions will focus on developing a more ADHD friendly and positive lifestyle.ADHD consulting services include; organizational tools, management skills, psychoeducation, compensatory strategies, parenting a child with ADHD, self-esteem improvement, and interpersonal skills.

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