Embrace Home Loans, Inc.

Embrace Home Loans, Inc.

This company is very deceitful. I contacted them in late May about refinancing my home. Provided them all of the necessary (Credit history w-2’s etc.) information and was basically promised the world (Lower payment, lower interest rate, return of money on the loan to pay off bills, shorter length of loan -down to 15 years from 30 years). They pushed to have an assessment done on the home within the first week at a cost of $450 dollars. The inspection came and went. Kept waiting to hear back- communication got less and less. Provided a quote that we were willing to accept. We signed the paperwork and sent it back in. They then contacted us and requested information on a previous home that was foreclosed on during my divorce 5 years ago, but had sat in litigation until last year 2015. They then contacted us to inform us that the loan could no longer be approved by the FHA and that we would have to go conventional to which we agreed (less money in return and not quite as low an interest rate, but still acceptable. We agreed, but when we went to move forward they denied the loan (via underwriter) based on the foreclosure. This is Unscrupulous in my opinion. They took our money and did follow through on the commitment of the re-fi. I made numerous attempts to get a better answer and made continued attempts to get my money returned for the assessment, but was denied. | Avoid this company at all cost. They are not worth the effort to deal with. Use a more reuptable company or local bank.

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