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Are you having the same arguments over and over? Do you and your partner feel that you’re repeating yourselves, but neither one is listening? My goal is simple…to help couples and families recognize communication problems they’re stuck in and to find more effective ways to work together to find happiness. I can assist you in rekindling the excitement you once had in your relationship and help strengthen the relationship you have with other family members. Building the bridge of communication will help you reach new levels of intimacy with your partner and other family members.Everyone deserves happiness and I can help you. I have assisted individual clients and couples in learning new coping skills to address issues that arise from conflict in a relationship.Learning to effectively communicate through a conflict will lead to a happier home environment and a better quality of life.I provide a safe, warm counseling setting that allows my clients the opportunity to explore themselves. Each session will be modified to address your particular need. I am available during the evening hours and on weekends to assist you and would be willing to assist you through the counseling process.

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