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Are you carrying the hidden pain and grief over a miscarriage or other losses such as divorce, a family member’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, a loss to suicide or the loss of a pet? You should know we all grieve differently and men too grieve over a miscarriage. I provide individual, couples, and family therapy. As a registered marriage and family therapist intern, I can help you by empowering you with coping skills that will help you ease the pain of your loss. I will help you come to terms with and validate your grief.As a parent of a special needs child, do you ever ask yourself: Am I being punished? How can I tend to my other children or partner without neglecting anyone? Are you feeling guilty or trapped? Parenting a child with a disability can be challenging but you are not alone!Premarital counseling can give insight into how successful your union can be and what kind of challenges you and your partner may face. Children, Finances, Religion… Everybody can take advantage of working towards healthy foundations. Undo the knots before you tie the knot!

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