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I had bought a one (1) way ticket using my Delta Skymiles going from Los Angeles, California on Delta Flight Number: DL1421 back on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 11:25 p.m. which was fine, however, once I boarded the Endeavor Air Flight Number: DL5085 back on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 6:50 a.m., Things Just Were Not The Same! First of all, the hallway that You take just before You Board The Plane was So Narrow that if You are Overweight, You Will Have Problems Getting Through! Even on the plane, the Space In The Aisle Was As Well Very Narrow And Limited. Just before I boarded the plane, I was informed that My Luggage (That Is Made For The Airplane) Would Not Fit In Their Onboard Luggage Compartment And So They Gave Me A Pink Tag, however, they were Totally Wrong! It Barely Fit, but Thankfully It Did Fit! However, the situation gets Worse because when I sat down in my seat, there were Not Only Missing Screens To Watch Videos/Movies/Listen To Music, etc., but they also had No Usb Outlets In Order To Charge Your Cellular Phone as well as No Wi-Fi on the planes to go with it! I did Complain About The Missing Usb Outlets and was Informed that they are Only For Their First Class Passengers and Not For Anyone Else! That does Not Make Any Sense To Me! I just got off a Delta Flight and in my Coach Seat, I Had A Proper Plug Outlet and Usb Outlet To Charge My Phone and on Endeavor Air, I Have To Be In Their First Class Seats In Order To Use The Same, Exact Service! This Is A Scam and Very Selfish, Disgusting And Ridiculous! Please Note: After I had Complained About The Missing Usb Outlets, one of the Flight Attendants Told ME that They could take my Lg Stylo 3 Android Phone Towards The First Class Area and Charge It For Me There, but sadly when I asked about it a little later on one of the other Flight Attendants Came Up To Me And Told ME That All Of Their Usb Outlets Are Now Not Working! I Honestly Do Not Know If That Was True Or Not, but I am the Customer On My Watch and The Last Time That I Checked My Bills since My Name Is On All Of Them and I Therefore Deserve Much Better And More Honest In-Flight Service in which I Was Missing By A Landslide! | There is absolutely No Way That I Can Give Endeavor Air A Five Star Rating based on this Very Horrific Experience! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find pictures to show You Their Very Narrow Hallways Both OnBoard and OffBoard their planes, as well as showing You That They Have No Usb Proper Outlets In My Seating Area, Including A Copy Of My Boarding Pass For This Particular Flight for your reference and further review. I seriously doubt that I will be using Endeavor Air’s Services Anymore since my Hard Working Delta Skymiles Have Gone To Complete Waste at least On That Particular Flight. If You would like to contact ME back directly in order to discuss my letter of Very Serious Complaint in further detail, then please call ME on my cellular phone number at: . You may also email ME back at: [email& 160;protected] or [email& 160;protected] Thank you. Sincerely yours, Howard Paul Shore Angry And Upset Delta Skymiles Member And Passenger /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments Showing You Pictures Of Their Very Narrow Hallways Both OnBoard and OffBoard Their Planes, As Well As Showing You That They Have No Usb Proper Outlets In My Seating Area, Including A Copy Of My Boarding Pass For This Particular Flight For Your Reference And Further Review. Thank You.

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