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https://i.gyazo.com/549b4c529cfbb2e0c6ad7394ac51b03d.png | Above is the image of the payment in BTC valued at 20,000 USD. | Software was purchased on 10/30/2018. We were provided the “source code” that has no commenats and no reasonable developer (we tried 3 top developers from toptal) could understand and properly edit the code or install the software. | During this time Enginepoker always promised to make fixes, install the software, and otherwise make us the happy customer we intended to be. This was simply never the case. Enginepoker would always have an excuse. “Developers are on vacation” “Developers are looking into the issue.” And so on and so on. Finally after 3 months of this run around I threatened them with legal recourse with which they seemed to start helping and seemed to start caring. This lasted for 1 week where again they managed to disappear and not continue doing updates. At this point I and my company accepted we had been scammed. The final demand by enginepoker was I provide a copy of legal ID or they can not help me any further (as if they had helped really at all up to this point) I declined as they are a sketchy enterprise and I’d find my ID on the dark-web tomorrow (or so it feels.) | If you purchase the software this is the customer support you can expect to get. https://i.gyazo.com/9c052d35ae0d6787370d941aaefe8ef7.png | Please notice they do not respond at all for 10 days and only address the final question with a link to their inadequate installation instructions on their website. | From there again I do not get a response for another 13 days to another problem my developers were having. https://i.gyazo.com/31b050c431c6cbda8fc9f588110fedcc.png | And so this continued until finally they thought forcing me to provide my ID (despite their contract never requiring anything like this) was the final trick to deny me any support and of course it worked. | This company is the definition of a criminal enterprise. They don’t care about their customers, they will not help you, you will be essentially ripped off for any amount of money you pay. Even 1$ is 1$ to many. | Please do not fall for their tricks, | Others who have been scammed feel free to reach us as it seems soon we will be moving forward with legal recourse. | We will provide a web-page soon where you can get in touch with us to offer us sworn statements under which you were taken advantage as well. We will not let this criminal enterprise do this to another undeserving customer. | Thank you

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