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Peter Page is the content editor at Entrepreneur . com, a well respected publication for all matters entrepreneurial and more. | I worked hard to land my job at Entrepreneur only to find myself under the bullying and lewd treatment of Peter Page. | Peter Page would engage in lewd comments on women all around me, commenting on their upper and lower body parts, on how unattractive or attractive they were, on how motivated he would be to get them in bed. Finally when I had had enough, I asked him to stop making sexually lewd comments on women around me, and that is when the harassament really began. | Every day my job began to become more impossible until one day Peter Page made a lewd comment on my breasts infront, commenting on their size and asking if I was wearing padding, and then proceeding to say, “I would f’ you.” | I quit the next day and have had to pay for mnths of therapy because of this. I came to understand this as PTSD induced from se xual harassment at work. | After months of silence I am finally exposing this man for the trash that he is in the hopes no other woman has to quit her job in order to protect her body.

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  1. Venus Boykin
    June 17, 2020

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