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Epic Sports

The Price Isn’t worth the disrespect and frustration! | I have made multiple orders with epicsports.com Epic Sports . Every instance in which I have had to contact epicsports.com Epic Sports with respect to an issue with an order, such as wrong size, wrong item, late delivery, they have been extremely disrespectful, condescending and absolutely evasive when asked to speak to upper management and ownership. | These guys Cody Patton and Chris Robeson should not be in control or in management of any company of any type. If you have information regarding their actual owner or board, please forward it. I have even been told that low level managers are owners. I contacted them today because the site was not accepting my credit card and I was told that my account was a “red” account and was flagged not to sell to me. | When I inquired as to why, first Cody, identified as the General Manager, told me that it was because 2 packages were reported missing to my address and reported not delivered. When I required as to dates, he refused to provide them. I know there was only one package missing. This package was a shipment that EPIC failed to put my apartment number, even though it was on the order. Epic Sports again made it my, the consumer, fault stating that I should have put it on the second line, even though my address contains minimal characters and they have delivered to me a multitude of time written that way. No accountability for their own mistakes. | Cody then attempted to state that the second reason was that I was “threatening” or “abusive” to an employee over the phone, meaning in EPIC SPORTS terms that I was complaining about wrong, bad or undelivered merchandise and their bad customer service. Anyone who disagrees with them is flagged as bad, even when the problem that you are calling about is their fault. | I live in a completely different state a thousand miles away. When asked whom I threatened, he refused to provide a date, time, or person. I explained to him that I had spirited conversations with customer service who always want to blame the customer and have a very “who cares” attitude about business. I have never threatened any employee. They simply flag anyone who disagrees with how they conduct business. The worst part is that every single person that you speak to there has a horrible attitude. Cody, or so he says he was, stated that the only complaints they have online are from customers that don’t agree with them and that the complaints are insignificant, ironically I read these same exact words in at least three other complaints. This guy is a really bad business man. | I have spoken to multiple people claiming to be managers, George, Ryan, Tony and Cody. Today I spoke with Cody who hung up on me after questioning the flagging of my account under false allegations and simply because I disagreed with them and held them accountable for their mistakes. Again, he refused to produce the name of the owner and proclaimed that they do 3,000-5,000 orders a day and that my complaint would basically go nowhere and that he had the right to decline to do business with anyone he liked for any reason. | Cody claims that all of the complaints online were customers that didn’t agree with them. I personally know five customers in New York and New Jersey that have received the same abusive treatment from Epic customer service. They should be sanctioned and the brands that they are selling should not want the association. Contact Badger Sports, Russell Athletic, A4, Wilson Sporting Goods, Under Armour, Nike, Cutters, Champro and any other brand you find on their website and petition them to not allow them to be resellers. We have to shut them down.

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