Equip-Bid.com Inc

Equip-Bid.com Inc

Saturday, I went to pick up a dishwasher. I was the high bidder on in an auction last Friday. After quite a while of searching, I was told the dishwasher was taken by mistake by another customer. I was then told that a Supervisor would be there to speak with me in a few minutes to come to a resolution to the problem. | We waited quite a while before the same attendant came over and handed me his phone to speak with his Boss “Ray”. Ray mentioned he was very sorry for the problem and he had been trying to get in touch with me for quite some time. It appears there had been a problem with the item I had bid on and it was not available. He said my phone number was not in my account information on the Equip Bid website (although it was and is). | Ray assured me that we could fix this problem Monday by replacing the Item with a dishwasher with one of equal value and condition. In fact, he said he would replace it with a “Brand new unit, either black or stainless steel”. He assured me he would be in touch with me by 2PM Monday afternoon and we exchanged phone numbers. | As 2PM Monday came and went without a call I continued to wait on Ray. I finally called him after 3:30. He said he would check on the status and call me right back. I was pleased when he did and told me he had a “Brand new Stainless Steel unit” for me. I asked what was the make and model number so I could have my wife go on line and ensure she would like it. He said he would have to get back to me tomorrow with that information, as well as, the address and time I needed to pick it up. | The next day, Tuesday, I waited again to hear from Ray, to no avail. I called him at 2:51PM only to get his voicemail where I left a message to please call me with the Make/Model and pick-up information. After no response, I texted him at 3:49PM. Still no response so I called Equip Bid Support at 913-686-3645 only to get a recording requesting that I leave a message…so I did. | I then contacred Equip-Bids, Inc. support via email with a complete description of the problem (as above) and still got no response! They still have my money! My only recourse is to try to warn others about this company. I will go through American Express to get my money back.

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