Equity Investor Leads

Equity Investor Leads

Was looking for a source of Business leads for an email and telemarketing campaign on line: EQUITY INVESTOR LEADS equityinvestorleads.com/. Contacted them by phone and spoke to CHARLES P DEAL who was using an alias PERRY DANIELS though I did not know it was an alias. He had a service that sounded to be exactly what I was looking for to promote a web site I have developed. He wanted me to pay the full amount without a contract but I inisisted that there was a clear scope of work and even more clear expectations for the Parties. | I wrote the contract and sent it to him DOCUSIGN. He signed the contract. It stated that I would pay $1,000 down and then talk to his telemareting manager about the pitch for the product and then he would do the creative for the email campaign. I was struck by his CAN DO attitude and decided that it was worth the risk in delivering the down payment to start the deal. | I also knew I was covered by the DOCUSIGN TOS even if the name he was using is an alias. The next day I spend nearly 2 hours speaking with his telemarketing manager ERICA on the phone. She was impressed and said she could sell the is but needed start orders from her boss “PERRY.” She said she was pretty sure he was going to start right away. Laster that day I heard from PERRY that ERICA collapsed and was in the hospital In Plano Texas and he was on his way there (14th street). I did not know her and thought this was suspicious and said I feel bad but make me a believer. They did. | The next day PERRY told me he could not proceed with the campaign due to ERICA’s health and said he would drop the money by my office in the form of a CASHIER’s CHECK so I could seek alternative marketing. I agreed. He did not make it the first day and then said he would be there the next day by 5:00. That was the last I heard from PERRY DEAL. He has not returned my calls or texts and I remina without the money. I have pursued ser veral ways to recover my deposit and none have proven to be fruitful. | This company alledges they are in South Carolina. That is not true. It is a Dallas, Texas company – SOS produced the identity of the LLC. Charles Perry Deal uses an alias PERRY DANIELS and signed a contract to deliver marketing services. He has not done so and I believe h never had any intentions of performing this service. I want to warn other small businesses against the business practices of this SCAMMER and this SCAM-COMPANY

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